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I've never been good at sales. I hate cold-calling. I am not good with small talk. It does not come easy or natural to me. I worked for a business organization and owned my own small business for a number of years. Sales and networking were...


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I'm a Pisces and I've always identified well with my sign. We tend to be mysterious and fascinating to other signs. I know that also translates into difficult to figure out. I get it. We aren't always easy to understand. Women in general can be...

I get asked the same question all of the time, "Why are you still single?" It's usually coupled with an automatic judgment that either there is something wrong with me or something that I am doing wrong. People think of me being single in my early thirties like it's so...

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I think most people, especially men, assume that all women are naturally wired for commitment. They think we all sit in our rooms, plotting ways to "lock it down" with the man of our dreams, and drooling over the idea of walking down the aisl...

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.


Retail stores are decorated in red and pink, reminding us that it’s time to start planning the next gift-giving holiday.


Pulses race, prices for chocolate and flowers skyrocket and we begin to wonder what ama...

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Why the hell would someone be thankful to have their heart broken? It's hard to imagine any good coming from it when you are still in the now of it all, but as with most challenges, it offers us lessons about ourself and our life. 

When you experi...

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I'm in a brand new relationship and it is bringing me more happiness than I've experienced in a long time -- maybe ever. I think it's the most important relationship you can build and one that most people don't invest enough time into. I'm inves...

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