This is my life, transcribed.


I love to connect with others through my writing. I'm inspired by personal relationships, working on my well-being, capturing the life events that shape who I'm becoming — and hoping to inspire and empower others in the process. 

Want more details? Here are some fun facts: 


  • My dreams are big — always have been, always will be.

  • I almost always hate surprises because I prefer to be prepared.


  • I am a creature of habit, but I also get bored very easily.

  • I am fiercely protective of my friends and family — and would do anything to keep them from being hurt.

  • I am a caffeine addict who loves almost any kind of latte and am a sucker for the pretty designs in the froth.


  • I am especially skilled at opening a bottle of champagne because of extensive experience.

  • I love any and all kinds of cheese, and firmly believe that a good cheese board can turn a good night into a fabulous one.

  • My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is sit around a fire (or on the patio) with my family.


  • I absolutely love to give gifts, but haven’t fully gotten over the fear of receiving them.

  • I am a firm believer in the fact that birthdays are special — it's the only day that's all about you. I think we should embrace them and celebrate as many as we can. 

  • I know that the support of real friends and family can get you through the darkest of times.

  • I am a hopeless romantic, and love reading poetry that makes my heart melt. 


  • I think that true love is an experience hard to come by, because raw honesty and selfless love are not easy to find or give away. 

  • I believe that prayer is powerful. 

  • I think that life is beautiful and we should take as many pictures along the way as we can.

  • I flourish in sunshine and believe in the healing power of the outdoors.

  • I love gardens full of flowers — especially sunflowers — and have a special place in my heart for butterflies.


  • My bed is one of my favorite places in the world, despite the fact that I am a terrible insomniac.

  • I live for planning and hosting parties and the excitement of celebrating life events with those we love.

  • I love movies that scare the hell out of me and have a special affinity for apocalyptic zombie movies.

  • I find writing therapeutic and it has helped me through some difficult times. I am always humbled when I hear that my writing has helped others, too.

  • I love music and singing (mostly in my car), and the way some songs can instantly bring you back to a certain place or time. 

  • I sometimes have a difficult time in large crowds or coming up with small talk. No matter hold old I get, I still have to force myself not to be a wallflower.


  • I am extremely competitive — my Waka volleyball team can attest to that.

  • I want life to slow down so I can enjoy each and every moment and try to remind myself to pause and appreciate everything and everyone around me.


  • I long for fun, food and adventure in new places, and want to travel at least once a year to a place I've never been before. 



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