The Night is Hungry



I feel like I'm slipping away again
little pieces drifting in the wind

I worry that it's coming back
but maybe it's been hiding all along

I'm sliding backwards
down, down, down
a slippery slope
and I can't find a hold to grab onto

Everything comes rushing back
the fears that used to haunt me

I can feel the darkness creeping in at the edges
I run as far and as fast as my legs can carry me

Shadows are always lurking
and loneliness always threatens
angry voices fill my head—
taunting me with the past
and the way I used to talk to myself

I want to escape the places that I've worked so hard to get away from
But it's there — always there — threatening at my heels

Why is it always so hard to fight it
It never goes away
It's a constant, never ending fight
that feels like it never lets up
and never lets me win

I've never been one to choose the easy way out
but sometimes the temptations scream
louder than my pride

I want to portray that I am strong
the truth is, I've always been weak

So I sit alone in the silence
and let the dark swallow me
until morning comes again

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