They say that love makes you blind
but I think people see what they want to see


Traces of your fingertips across my skin
are memories fading into the night

I fill my time so I'm not reminded
how empty being home feels
how empty sleeping alone feels
how alone I always seem to feel
despite all of the people that surround me


I want to know what belonging feels like
to have arms that hold me and make me feel at home


Being in love and having someone love you
it's like a drug that takes over
and makes everything hazy and confusing

You lose sight of the fact that it may be harming you
and you hold onto the high of it—
the feeling that makes your heart race


But it's a vicious cycle when you come down from the high
the earth crashes into you and the walls close in

Every emotions feels tangled together
excitement, fear, love, heartache, anticipation
you can't pull one without getting them all

I feel like I can't breathe
or I won't breathe
sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe

I'm on a runaway train and I can't seem to get off
but I don't want to be sidelined either
watching the train leave me in its dust
filled with regret and unsure why

I don't know where I'm heading
unable to see the next steps
I hold tightly onto the fear
but let the excitement lead me

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