Down the Rabbit Hole



I am empty again and I wonder how long it'll be this way
the hunger for something more constantly gnawing at my insides

This place feels so empty and heavy at the same time
it becomes hard to breathe and I'm left gasping for fresh air

I'm tired of constantly fighting to keep my head above water
Sometimes it feels easier to let go and sink

It calls out to me, especially at night in the dark
when the world has continued to turn without me

I want to give in
I want to let go

Sometimes I want to just disappear—
even just for a little while—
because I miss not feeling
and not caring
and just floating away

when time seemed to stop
and nothingness surrounded me


I miss the moments when nothing mattered
the endless night stretched out in front of me
and I didn't have to try to search for
what it is that I am so sad without

Sometimes, I miss giving in

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