Unanswered Questions



I wonder if all of life will be like this — if everything is always going to be a struggle.

I wonder if obstacles will continue to surface.

I wonder if roads well travelled will continue to diverge.

I wonder if questions will ever be answered. I wonder if my heart will ever be content in one place.

I wonder how much you can ever truly know someone or if its just what they let you see.

I wonder how much of our relationships through life are based on real connections or just what we want them to be. 

I wonder how much of this life is meant to be lived for others and how much should I live for me. 

I wonder with every breath I take why some of us leave this life too early and others seem to get away scott-free.

I wonder how much damage we do to one another because we never truly learned to love ourselves unconditionally.

I wonder what the world would be like if more value was placed on love and honesty.

I wonder how long I have on this earth and the difference I can make as my legacy.

I wonder sometimes if love will run out if I continue to give it away for free.

I wonder if I’ll ever be the person I was meant to be. 

I wonder how much time will pass before you and me becomes we. 

Mostly, I wonder if I’m missing more than Ive gained on this sad and beautiful journey. 

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