Still Learning



Sometimes I find myself alone among a room full of people.
I feel as though my soul will never connect with another the way it has with you.
I wonder how it is that we are so connected and yet not,
So In sync and yet not, 
Meant for one another in some ways and yet not.

I’m still learning to stop chasing things not meant for me.
I’m still learning what it means to gracefully let go.
I’m still trying to figure out what it is that I want and need and make my heart and mind agree on this.

I’ve never fully experienced what it feels like to give love to and receive love from the same person, but I’m tired of running away.
I’m tired of chasing.
I’m tired of games and dishonesty, with ourselves and one another.
I’m tired of disappearing in the dark because it’s comfortable instead of being fearless in the light to see what it holds.

I’m tired of giving things up before they even begin because I’m scared.
I’m tired of going through every step of this life without a hand to hold along the way.

I want to spend my life with someone who thinks it’s possible to fall madly and hopelessly in love and reminds me every day that it is.

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