Great Expectations

"We can't all do great things, but we can do small things with great love."    

- Mother Teresa


(image credit: Kara DeMaio)


I have always felt that I was destined to do something big with my life. I am constantly trying to figure out my purpose -- the reason I am here. I've always had visions of me doing something legendary -- these great expectations of a life I will probably never lead. I haven't let my dreams die, nor do I believe that they should, but I've tried to narrow down my scope of purpose a bit in the meantime.


When I really think about the things I am good at and what makes me feel the most fulfilled and happy, I think my purpose in this life is to help others. There are thousands of ways to help those around us, but I think it's the smallest of things that matter the most to people. 


I try to live my life by the idea that I can do "small things with great love." These ten things help keep me focused in that purpose.


1.) Some people don't have a voice. Do your part to help them be heard.


2.) Make do with less so that others may have more.


3.) Help conquer hate with love and kindness. Never be a witness to acts of hate. Take action and stand up for what is right.


4.) Extend hands to those afraid to ask for help. Never make anyone feel small because they are struggling.


5.) Be humble and thankful for each breath. Appreciate all things in this life.


6.) Help others recognize their greatness and possibility with support and encouragement. Encourage the success of others and never be resentful of it.


7.) Thank people every day for every thing. Encourage others to do the same.


8.) Never make anyone feel less than me because I am no better or less than them.


9.) Smile and look people in the eye. Make them feel important and needed. Learn their name and use it.


10.) Make sure the people in your life feel loved and appreciated. Notice the small things they do and tell them about it. Share love, spread love, receive love. It's a cycle.


This is my part in the world -- my way of making it a little better and brighter. These are the things that I repeat over and over when I feel lost and without purpose. I know I have great things ahead of me, but these small things in small moments of every day life can cause ripples into others' lives that will eventually create a tidal wave of change.


And that in itself is pretty legendary.



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