Ayla DeLuca's life is simple. She lives in a small town in upstate New York and is somewhat bored with her life. That is until she meets Ryan Gematti. Ayla spends the last month of her Summer with Ryan's family and friends in Virginia, something that becomes an annual tradition. Ayla quickly finds out that Ryan has a girlfriend at home, but becomes close friends with Ryan's younger brother, Tate. Tate is dealing with relationship problems of his own, and together they try to find their way through the confusion, and sometimes torment, of teenage love. When a secret relationship begins to cause friction between them, Ayla faces the tough decision between telling the truth and protecting her friend. And when the truth sparks an event that results in a tragic death, Ayla learns that love and hate have life-long repercussions. 


Summers Away is a story of self-discovery and the challenges that we face along the way, of the friendships that shape us, and the legacy our love leaves behind.


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Summers Away


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