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The Benefits of Starting Your Day Early

I am someone who has always loved sleeping in, especially on the weekends. I love the feeling of snuggling in bed in the morning in freshly washed sheets, a light breeze coming through the open window. During the week, however, I like to be an early riser. I like to start my day as early as possible because it makes me feel more productive and capable to take on whatever the day has in store for me. Some days are easier than others, though, and on the especially tough mornings, I need a little extra motivation to hop out of bed and start the day.

Are you someone that needs some inspiration to help you rise earlier? Here are a few thoughts on why getting up early helps you throughout your day.

1. Early rising allows you to greet the day.

Being able to say "good morning" to the morning can have a profoundly positive impact on your day. I try to start each day being grateful for everything I have in life and take a few deep breaths before I actually get out of bed. The extra moment or two allows me to set intentions for the day and start on a positive note.

2. Early rising gives you a jump-start.

Rising early gives me time in the morning so I'm not rushing and I can appreciate everything going on around me, while giving me time to wake up and feel refreshed to start the day instead of stressed. I make it my time. I try to do something for myself, whether it be a quick read, or a tutorial, or yoga, a walk or meditation, before I officially start my work day.

3. Early rising allows you to experience the sunrise.

I don't always rise before the sun, depending on the time of year, but waking up and being able to experience the sunrise is a special way to start the day. Imagine sipping tea or coffee, watching as the sky slowly brightens and the day comes to life. It's like witnessing nature's own alarm clock. If you need some motivation, try to get up to see the sun rise just once this week. You may be so moved by the experience that you'll want to do it every week or maybe even every day.

4. Early rising allows you to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

Getting up early means that you'll actually have time to sit down for breakfast. Breakfast is an important part of hitting the ground running, as it gives you energy to keep you going and keeps you fueled until lunchtime. It has also been shown that people who eat breakfast tend to be slimmer than those who don't. Imagine having the time to slow down and enjoy breakfast while reading a book, browsing through the newspaper, watching the morning news, or drinking your morning coffee. These moments of relaxation can help you get in the right mindset for your day and actually be more productive.

5. Early rising facilitates the experience of a more productive day.

Getting up early allows me to get a jump on my to-do list and benefit from the boosts in productivity that I experience when I wake up earlier than normal. Sometimes, I even hour block specific to-do list items for early mornings — little things that I can accomplish more easily at the start of every day, such as prepping food for the day, doing laundry, working on my planner, or catching up on bills.

These are just some of the benefits that getting up early offer. If you need more motivation and inspiration, try waking up earlier for a week or two and reflect on how you feel. Waking up early in the morning isn't for everyone, but it may be just what you need to be more effective in everything you do.


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