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HOW TO: Make A Finger Knit Wreath

Finger knitting is so easy and so fun to do, and something you can tackle mindlessly while binging your favorite Netflix series, or in this case, your favorite holiday movie.

I saw this project and had to try it. It took me less than an hour to complete the entire thing from start to finish, and it came out really cute. I added a buffalo plaid bow to match this year’s tree theme, but you can decorate it or just leave it plain, depending on your taste.

There are only two materials you need for the project, along with a hot glue gun if you want to glue the chunky yarn in place on the wreath. I recommend doing that because I found that the yarn moved around a lot on the wreath form and left spaces if I didn’t glue it in place.

I chose white yarn and a white wreath form, but feel free to choose any color yarn your heart desires.



Step 1

Start by unspooling the yarn and wrapping it around your index finger once, behind your middle and ring fingers, behind and around the front of your pinky and then behind your ring and middle fingers again to again wrap around your index finger, go behind your middle and ring fingers to wrap behind and around the front of your pinky.

Step 2

Make sure the yarn is loose enough to do so, then pull the bottom loops on your index and pinky fingers over the top loops and off your fingers behind your hand.

Step 3

Use the yarn to repeat the last two steps — moving the yarn being the ring and middle finger and around the index finger, behind the middle and ring finger to wrap behind and around the front of your pinky. Then pull the bottom loops on your index and pink fingers over the top loops and off your fingers behind your hand.

Step 4

Continue to do this until you have a long length of knit scarf behind your hand. When you reach the end of length of yarn and need to go to the next skein, simply tie one end to the other and continue to process. *Note – I didn’t need the entire length of the second skein of yarn… I only used about 1/3 of it to fill the entire wreath. You can use the entire second skein and make your wreath bunchier than mine. It all depends on how you’d like yours to look when it’s complete.

Step 5

Once you’ve completed knitting the full length of yarn, tie off the ends on either side to avoid the ends from unraveling. Once you wrap the scarf in place and get it looking the way that you want it, you can use a hot glue gun on the wreath form to keep the knit scarf in place.

I finished mine off with a simple bow to match my other decorations from this year. And if you are someone like me who changes your theme every year, you can use hot glue on Velcro, so that you can change the bow and other decorations out each year so that your wreath always matches your theme.

Let me know what you think of this hand knit wreath project if you try it out, and don’t forget to tag @LifeTranscribed in any pictures on social media. I love to see how your projects come out!

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