You make me feel seen,

and heard,

and beautiful,

and captivating,

and alluring.

I never feel lost when you are with me.

In many ways, I think you helped me find myself

when you found me — and you reminded me

of a beauty and strength and confidence

that was there all along.

You m...

A slow burning, like embers smoldering from a fire dying hours ago—

that is how you leave me.

I am the embers and you are the oxygen

feeding the fire and snuffing it out all at once.

You are like the wind,

blowing softly across my skin

and leaving a trail of sensation in you...

I want to stand, my back to your chest underneath explosions of light in the sky

and feel your heartbeat speed with with mine.

I want to lean back to be closer to you and interlock fingers as you hold my hand.

I want to feel your soft whisper in my ear as a smile finds it...

My demons used to swallow me.

I used to feel like I was swimming inside myself,

sometimes drowning in a never ending sea.

I struggled for a long time, fighting them off,

but eventually I gave up and gave in.

I let the feeling of sinking lull me into indifference.

When I hit...

I used to wish for time to speed up. Now life seems to fly by faster than I can keep up with. It's been awhile since I last wrote and I can't get over that it's been as long as it has. Starting a new year always makes me reflect on the previous one and this past year s...

I had a drink with an old friend last week and we had a great conversation about how other's opinions of our appearance, our lifestyle, our choices, etc dictate how we live our life. We both agreed that we want to work on letting go of this idea that we should fit into...

I've always felt less alone standing in the middle of a storm. Bring on the thunder and the lightning. Bring on the howling wind and rain that falls heavy to the earth. It drowns out everything else. I used to only allow myself to cry in the middle of a raging storm. I...

The free fall has always enticed me — the idea of completely letting go and the rush of adrenaline that forces every cell inside of you awake. My limbs buzz with anticipation, but as I get up to the edge, my feet become frozen in place. I am stuck, like I had walked in...


An average day is made up of many decisions.


What should I eat? What should I wear? What should I buy? Where should I go? What should I do? What should I say? 


For some people, these kinds of decisions are no big deal. For anyone like me, even the smallest of decision...

I wrote an article last week for a sports magazine about losing passion as an athlete. It made me start to think about passions I have in my own life and how they have evolved. The things that used to be important to me have changed over the years. I've discovered thin...

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