They say that love makes you blind
but I think people see what they want to see

Traces of your fingertips across my skin
are memories fading into the night

I fill my time so I'm not reminded
how empty being home feels
how empty sleeping alone feels
how alone I always s...

I feel like I'm slipping away again
little pieces drifting in the wind

I worry that it's coming back
but maybe it's been hiding all along

I'm sliding backwards
down, down, down
a slippery slope
and I can't find a hold to grab onto

Everything comes rushing back
the f...

Sometimes I cling to denial
so that reality won't drown me

I'm lost in a world
where I don't feel so small
helpless and unnecessary 
like I do in this one

I'm lost in a world
where the loneliness doesn't
suffocate all of the air in the room
and I can be everything

I am empty again and I wonder how long it'll be this way
the hunger for something more constantly gnawing at my insides

This place feels so empty and heavy at the same time
it becomes hard to breathe and I'm left gasping for fresh air

I'm tired of constantly fighting...


Effortless and free
all the things I'd love to be

I watch the ease at which you speak,
laugh, play, smile, confront
the way your calm demeanor
spills over onto those around you
putting them under your spell

I disappear into the shadows behind you
where I've always...

I wonder if all of life will be like this — if everything is always going to be a struggle.

I wonder if obstacles will continue to surface.

I wonder if roads well travelled will continue to diverge.

I wonder if questions will ever be answered. I wonder if my heart w...

When our eyes meet, it feels as though you have always been a part of me.

Your easy, lazy smile ignites a fire inside of me, warming me from the inside out.

I've always been so cold — before we met, I didn't realize how much I needed warmth.

Your lips trace scars on my sk...

The pieces of me scatter across the floor making a shimmering sound like rain.

Their edges are sharp like shards of broken glass.

They form jagged edges that pierce skin and draw blood.

The face staring back at me through the pieces is broken, too —

features no longer line...

Sometimes I find myself alone among a room full of people.
I feel as though my soul will never connect with another the way it has with you.
I wonder how it is that we are so connected and yet not,
So In sync and yet not, 
Meant for one another in some ways and yet not...

A slow dance in the rain that makes time stand still.

A soft touch that has immeasurable strength hidden within it.

A knowing smile that makes my insides melt and come alive at the same time.

A glance from across the room that says so much without a spoken word.

A hand on...

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