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This is my Life Transcribed.

Writing has always been my therapy and helps keep me sane (although some would argue that fact).

During my most vulnerable times, I shared my life through this blog and was so inspired by how many people I was able to connect with through writing and sharing.

Now I'm sharing so much more of my life through my blog, from my personal writing and my books, to events that I plan that people seem to love when I share, my favorite recipes and crafts, and tips and tricks I've learned along the way on this never ending growth process of life. Thank you for joining me and sharing in this journey!




Featured Post

5 Resolutions To Be More Productive In 2024

I think January is always a good time to make a fresh start and think about ways to make this year better than ever and more productive than the previous. I like the idea of a fresh slate, but starting something new can also feel overwhelming because you don’t know where to start. If you’re looking for ways to be more productive this year, I’m sharing a few suggestions on how you can implement new habits to be more productive and happier. Wishing you all a healthy and productive new year!

  • Skip the snooze button

  • Remove distractions

  • Utilize binge TV sessions

  • Create a project list

  • Stop multitasking

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